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PS-640 Wireless microphone
1. the use of VHF 220-270MHz band, using quartz oscillator circuit, has a very high stability.
2. dual antenna receiver. 3. Mute control functions. 4. metal hand microphone and receiver, a durable shatter-resistant.
5. independent volume adjustment knob 6. Two independent Karen balanced output.
7. a 6.35mm mix outputs Socket 8. The maximum effective distance of 50 meters.
9. transmitter with low battery alerts. 10. Panel RF status display.
11. specifications: the 550x430x75mm (l. wide.High). 12. Gross weight/sleeve: 4.5 kg.
Technical parameters
System parameters
Carrier frequency: VHF 220-270MHz
Modulation mode: FM
Channels: dual-channel
Frequency stability: < 30PPM
Dynamic range: >90dB
Maximum modulation: ± 20KHz
Harmonic distortion: ≤ 0.5%
Frequency response: 30Hz-35KHz (± 3dB)
Feint interference ratio: 80dB
SNR: >90 dB
Maximum effective range: 50m
Operating temperature:-10 ° C-+40 ° c
Power supply: AC 220V/50Hz
Power consumption: 3W
Receiver sensitivity: 12dB μv (30dB s/n)
Audio output: mix output: 0~200mV, balanced output: 0~400mV
Transmit power: High:30mW;Low: 3mW
Battery: 9V
Battery life: 8 hours
PCs/carton: 5
Carton size (l. wide.High): 565x450x380 mm
Gross weight/carton: 24 kg
Volume/box: 0.097 cubic meters

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